Q.What would be a perfect client ?

A. A Perfect Client would be a gentleman Who is ready to give the respect and spoiling Which we deserved,generous and understands women's needs well, funny and loves the finest things in life. 

He understands that he needs to give as much effort to have an enjoyable time just as the lady gives. In this case both parties have the time of their lives and plenty of memories to bring back to reality.

Q.Do you take appointment ?

A.Yes we do need you to make the appointment ahead .  

You can call or what's app or email to us to give as much longer notice as you can . 





Q.when are you available?

A. We can meet u any time of the day or night but it's always best to book in advance. 


Q.Will you see me at a short notice?

A.There is always a chance we may not have any bookings planned so why not just call to see if any one is free .


Q.Which methods of payments do you accept?

A. Cash payment accepted pls 

Q. Will you see any more ?

A.Yes,as long as you are polite,clean and respectful we will see you !

Q. I have another question?

A.Please call on the contact page with your questions. We are very open minded and get lots of requests so don't be shy.